Maternal and child dentistry

IMPLAR® Dental Hospital is a reference in Maternal and Child Dental treatment, it has infrastructure and professionals differentiated in this dental specialty. IMPLAR® develops its work focused on health promotion, which should happen in a special way in the beginning of everything: gestation.

The variety of oral manifestations associated with pregnancy requires dental care, both clinical and educational. The pregnant woman should be prepared to be a mother in good oral health and educated to take care of the oral health of her child. In this sense, educational and preventive actions in the gestational period are of great value for the mother to establish care for her oral health, as well as for her child.

Thus, the dentist surgeon should be part of the prenatal health team, promoting attention to the health of pregnant women, advising on nutrition, hygiene habits and care of their baby’s oral health; as well as specific protection, through topical applications, fluoridated dentifrices and sugar control, among other actions.

During pregnancy several hormonal changes are occurring in the female organism. There is an increase in both progesterone and estrogen levels, reaching values 10 to 30 times greater than those in the menstrual cycle. These hormones at higher levels induce changes in vascular permeability, promoting plasma extravasation with consequent formation of gingival edema and an increased inflammatory response to plaque.

As a result of these alterations, the so-called pregnancy gingivitis may present marked inflammatory characteristics, with a marked edema, a greater tendency to bleeding, intense erythema and tendency to hyperplasia, causing Pyogenic Granuloma, formerly called the “Pregnancy Tumor”. Illness identified, prevented and treated by Odonto Pediatrician specialized in Maternal and Child Dentistry.

“Recent studies show an association between gingival diseases in pregnant women, premature births and low birth weight”

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