Oral diseases

Oral diseases such as mouth cancer, after skin cancer, are most common in the region of the head and face. People with a habit of smoking or consuming distilled beverages like cachaça, cognac, and whiskey are more likely to develop this type of tumor.

However, even people who do not have these habits may also develop this disease. One should look for white patches, wounds that do not heal after two weeks or lumps in the region below the chin or neck. It is a serious disease that can be lethal, but if discovered in the early stages, allows treatment and cure.

Mouth cancer occupies a prominent position among malignant tumors of the organism due to its relative incidence and mortality. Prevention and early diagnosis can be performed by the dental surgeon through the following procedures: correct clinical examination; removal of co-carcinogenic factors; diagnosis and treatment of cancerous lesions; complementary exams (mainly biopsy and exfoliative cytology) as well as orientation and incentives for self-examination.

In addition to cancer, various other oral diseases can affect our mouths, which is why it’s extremely important to maintain a regular frequency with specialized professionals in order to be able to identify theses diseases in their early stages but, most of all, to prevent them with correct care.

IMPLAR® has professionals specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of such diseases. They don’t often take our lives, but can certainly bring us great inconveniences. With early diagnosis, the treatments become simpler. If you notice anything different in your mouth, feel free to contact us and schedule an evaluation with IMPLAR®.

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