Osteopathy applied to dentistry

Physiotherapist Dr. Elton Luís Godoy Landre is one of the pioneers in the use of Osteopathy as a form of treatment in the South of Minas region, responsible for the Physiotherapy Clinic HUMANUS, and also a member of IMPLAR® clinical staff. Currently developing TMJ dysfunction treatments (temporomandibular joint) using osteopathy.

“Osteopathy is a delicate and complex science of human engineering that deals with every stage of the human body. It has its own methodology of diagnosis and treatment that aims to reestablish the entire body unit through a manual intervention”

Because it is based on the concept that all parts and systems of the body work in an integrated way, osteopathic intervention seeks to be successful not only in correcting diseases and dysfunctions, but also in keeping the body in a state in which it is difficult to manifest several symptoms and diseases. When the body system is perfectly adjusted in its position and action, the human being adapts better to environmental, nutritional changes, stress and all other difficulties that may be subject.

Indication of osteopathy is accurate when seeking rapid analgesic response. However, in addition to the issue of pain, it is indicated in the treatment of dysfunctions of the human body, mainly mechanical, where there is a change in the function of some structure.

People of all ages, from the newborn to the elderly, suffering from back pain, thoracic, cervical, headaches, menstrual cramps, ciatalgias, functional alterations digestive, cardiorespiratory, urogynecological, temporomandibular dysfunctions, upper and lower limbs, work and sports related injuries, and others may benefit from osteopathic treatment.

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