Rehabilitation with Implants

“Function and aesthetics in a single treatment”

The dental implant is a small pin made of pure titanium, with external threads similar to a screw. This titanium pin is surgically installed inside the maxillary or mandibular bone to function as a dental root; on the implant, a prosthetic crown will be fixed replacing the absent tooth.

By the conventional methods, the lack of a single tooth would lead the patient to be submitted to the technique of wearing out of the neighboring teeth to allow the fixation of the prosthesis supported on the natural teeth. Already with the technique of dental implants, it is possible to return to the client the masticatory function and the oral aesthetic preserving the healthy teeth and, mainly, maintaining, and stimulating the architecture of its original bone structure. After the evaluation of the professional, the immediate loading can be indicated, technique in which the patient after the surgery, can already leave with a new tooth on the implant.

The implant involves two well defined steps: the first is surgical in nature and consists of placing the titanium screw in the bone tissue; the second is the prosthetic stage, referring to the installation of the crown (tooth) on the implant. The prosthesis finishes the process giving plainness and beauty to the smile.

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